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Survival - Rhonda Hopkins

Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON:Rhonda Hopkins

What is your latest zombie release?


Quick description of it (no spoilers)

When Sarah escapes from her brutal abductors, she promises to return to rescue her twin sister, but with the walking dead invading Fort Worth, TX, she is forced to rely on a competitive coworker who made her work life hell for years. With her coworker weakened by cancer treatments, her sister still imprisoned, and zombies looking for an easy meal, Sarah’s only plan, if she can pull it off, is Survival.

Something unique about it.

The main characters are twin sisters with different interests and skill sets. They’re lucky to get set up in a court house with a cafeteria (with a good supply of food and water) and with several sheriff’s deputies. So in the beginning things aren’t as bad for them as it could be. You know…

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The award-winning author of THE CONSUMING, and the zombie apocalypse series, SURVIVAL. She writes horror/sci-fi, paranormal, YA urban fantasy, suspense, and middle grade.