Scarred Hands (A Father’s Day Poem)

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My poetry skills are limited. Who am I kidding? They’re practically non-existent. But somewhere around 5am this morning, this came to me. And while it may not win any awards, I hope it shows the great love and respect I have for my dad.

Scarred Hands

Hands scarred and rough from decades of hard work:
Twisting bolts, lifting engines, replacing belts
While grease, oil and other liquids stained the skin.

Years of taking care of a home, fixing things needing repair;
Mowing, plowing, and planting vegetables and flowers;
Always, tending to the safety of family with those hands.

From hugging his mother, to saluting his sergeant,
Wearing a ring that symbolized his heart’s desire,
He’s held his babies; applauded their accomplishments as they grew;
And guided and protected them through the stages of their lives.

He’s repeated the process with grandchildren;
And now again with great-grandchildren.

Those scarred hands show the warmth, the love, the life
of a man of substance, of integrity, of loyalty.

My daddy’s scarred hands are love;
And they are loved.

© 2013 Rhonda Hopkins

Happy Father’s Day, daddy! I love you!

Have you ever written a poem for your dad? Please feel free to share it in the comments or just tell us all the ways your dad is special.

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful father’s out there. I hope you each have an awesome day filled with love and family.

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16 Responses

  1. Natalie G. Owens

    This brought tears to my eyes, my friend, because I know, a father’s love is not automatic or to be taken for granted. I also know your dad is mighty proud of you. Great poem full of love. Xx

  2. Patricia Yager Delagrange

    That is so cool, Rhonda. I used to write poems for my father and mother for their birthdays and mother’s day and father’s day but they were just silly little rhymes that I don’t recall and who knows what happened to them. Your love for your father shines through loud and clear in your words. I hope to receive something like this from my kids after they get a little older.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Thank you, Patti! I’m sure your parents treasured every word in every poem. And your kids have a ton of inspiration with you as their mother. 🙂

  3. PJ Sharon

    Simply beautiful, Rhonda! What a lovely tribute:-)

  4. Jennifer

    Beautiful, Rhonda. I lost my dad a year ago, and while we had many precious times while he was declining, I’d still like to tell him again that I love him.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Thank you, Jennifer. I’m so sorry your father isn’t with you any longer, but I’m sure he knows that you love him. Holidays must be hard for you. My dad is nearly 80, so I know I don’t have all that much time left with. I treasure what I do have.

  5. Jolyse Barnett

    Very nice poem, Rhonda! I spoke with my dad this morning. We live about six hours apart, but there isn’t a day that goes by without my thinking about him. Enjoy your Father’s Day, too.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Thank you, Jolyse. I hope you enjoy your Father’s Day, even if you have to do it a little later. My folks live about three hours away, so I’m not visiting with them today. I will see them this week though and I’m looking forward to it. 🙂