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claire 4My Authors Give Back guest today is Claire C Riley. Claire is a mother to three amazing little girls who hold her heart. She hopes to make them proud and teach them that if you work hard and believe in yourself, then as Cinderella once said…dreams really do come true.

Her first novel, Limerence, is a dark paranormal romance for ages 17+.

Claire is currently working on the sequel, Limerence II: Mia. She has also just completed writing a dystopian post-apocalyptic zombie horror novel, Odium, which has a dash of romance and a splash of snark.

A short prequel to OdiumLife Ever After: Nina’s story, part 1 shall be released in an anthology along with some other amazing Indie authors very soon.

Odium and the anthology shall be releasing August/September 2013.


Hi Rhonda, thanks for letting me have a little space on your blog, today.

Every year for the past six years I have been a part of a fundraising event called ‘Race For Life’ which is run by Cancer Research UK.


It’s very popular and well known over here, but for anyone in America or other countries I’ll give you the low down.

Race for Life is the UK’s biggest event fundraiser in the fight against cancer and it is the largest women-only fundraising event in the UK.

They have over 230 5k or 10k events which are held all over the UK. They have recently started a couple of new events-  Race for Life Twilight and Race for Life Pretty Muddy, which are also helping to raise money to beat all types of cancer.

Race for Life started around 1994, and since then over six million women have helped raise over £493million—more than any other UK event raising money to fund cancer research. The money raised has been used to fund the work of researchers, doctors, and nurses dedicated to helping more people beat cancer.

Some of the Race for Life women take part in celebration of surviving a cancer experience. Others take part in memory of a loved one, or to give hope to a cancer-free future. Together we all have one goal—to help make our future and the lives of future generation’s cancer free.


See, the thing is with cancer is, it used to be believed that you got it from bad diet, lack of fitness, age, smoking and those types of things, however as research has developed it has become abundantly clear that cancer chooses whoever it wants based on—yes, a lot of the reasons listed above, but also from genetics. Something, which we have no control over. As I’ve grown up, I’ve known, women, men and children who found out that they have cancer, and the result is always the same—earth shattering horror.

There are over 200 different types of cancer in the world, all of which vary in their incident rates but all of which are dreadful, and they all need to be stopped.

Cancer Research UK- Race For Life- use all the money raised to fund research to help put an end to cancer.

Just have a read about all the important things that research has uncovered this year.

I have run in their races now for the past five or six years. Sometimes at the peak of my fitness, sometimes post-birth, and sometimes pregnant! But every time I’ve been proud. Proud to say I’m trying to help make the world a better place for my children, proud to stand beside all those other women, and proud to say that I’m helping in the fight against cancer.

This year after a very bad fall and suffering from a third degree sprain I am unable to compete in Race for Life and do my part, but I will be doing my very best to help highlight them and their cause—our cause, and hopefully still do my bit for them in other areas.

Thanks for listening, and remember to get involved in any events near you. Cancer doesn’t choose discriminately, any one of us can get it at any time in our lives, but if we work together we can put an end to it!

Thanks for listening!


Thank you so much for being my guest today, Claire! And thank you for telling us about Cancer Research UK and Race for Life. It’s too bad you can’t participate this year in the race – it sounds like you enjoy it. I hope your ankle heals soon.

I think cancer has probably affected everyone at some point in their lives. Most know of a person who has had it or lost someone because of it, and some reading this will probably have fought their own battles with it. I know my otherwise, perfectly healthy grandmother was taken from me too soon because of a very rare melanoma. And I miss her terribly.

I think it’s wonderful that Claire gives of herself by joining in races, etc. to raise funds for causes that are important to her. I’m just now getting to know Claire and am glad for the opportunity. If you’d like to know more about her, check out her and her books on Goodreads.

You can read a sample of her books, Limerence and Odium on her website.

And you can find her hanging out on Facebook and Twitter

Claire’s book, Limerence sounds like something I’d enjoy!



From Amazon

One mans’ obsession is so deadly it could destroy them all.

Despite her love for her fiancé, Mia Lawrence finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mr Breckt- the mysterious new owner of the Island. Her thoughts are constantly consumed with the handsome and powerful stranger. However, there is much more to him than she realises, something dangerous and supernatural.

Mr Breckt is used to getting what he wants, and now he wants Mia, at any cost. With his obsession spiralling out of control, he knows that time is running out. A war is coming. Blood will be shed, and lives will be lost, but he will have to rid himself of his obsession of Mia before it’s too late.

Mia and Oliver must now fight the very evil that threatens to come between them. If either of them fails, it will be more than their love for each other that will be lost.

Ultimately, all three will have to make a sacrifice that will change each other’s destiny forever. 

But will it be the right one?


Thanks again, Claire!

Now it’s your turn. Have you ever participated in Race for Life or the American Cancer Society’s, Relay for Life? While I can’t do things like that because of an injury, I have done other types of fundraisers. And it’s always a joy to know I’m helping make a difference.

As always — thanks for reading!

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    • Rhonda Hopkins

      That it is. I have a couple of friends right now, who are dealing with cancer or its aftermath. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Dale.

  1. Karen McFarland

    Thank you for making us aware of a wonderful cause. Cancer seems to be affecting all of us no matter where we live or who we are. And you’ve put both feet into helping others. Thanks Claire 🙂

  2. Anna Erishkigal

    I had an uncle who fought cancer off and on for many years. Back then it was presumed you would die, but he didn’t, and he moved on to live 15 more years and have a third child. My grandmother swore it was her prayers that kept him alive. Finally the cancer took him, but today victims have a much better chance of surviving thanks to cancer research and people like you who raise money and awareness to fund a cure.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Your uncle sounds like a real fighter. I’m glad you all had the extra years with him. And I’m with your grandmother — never underestimate the power of prayer. 🙂 Thank you for taking time to visit the blog and comment, Anna!