Share Your Funny Spam Day

No this is not an invitation to spammers. I get more than enough spam thank you. It shows up just about everywhere — in email; and facebook, twitter and LinkedIn messages. Not to mention the outright blatant spam that is just out there in the open.

And then there are the SPAM comments on my blog. Some of which make me giggle because they’re just so…well, take a look:

Impressive things here. I’m rattling gladsome to see your install. Thanks a lot and I’m hunt fore to lens you. Leave you please fire me a e-mail?

I almost approved it just so I could say:

I’m sorry, sir – but my install is quite private and it’s not very gentlemanly of you to talk about it. Nor is it proper for you to try to “lens” me while hunting. I’m also quite concerned about that “rattling” you have going on. Might I suggest a head scan? I don’t use hotmail, so I cannot “fire” you an email. It might be time for you to find a more temperate service yourself before you get too over-heated envisioning my install.

I deleted the comment and then thought it was just too funny to waste. Hence this post. (I just love using the word “hence”. Don’t you?)

We also had a pretty funny discussion earlier this morning about the messages that show up in the “other” facebook message file. The one I refer to as my “creepy man folder”.  Check it out:



Now it’s your turn. Share some of your funny spam in the comment section. And just for fun -– tell us how you would respond to it. Feel free to link to your blog, facebook page or wherever it came from. I’m giving you non-spammers permission to link up! Now if it were up to me, I’d let you put a ton of links in today, but I think more than one will get YOU sent to MY spam folder. So only do one. If for some reason you get sent to the wasteland, I’ll rescue you as soon as possible.

Oh! Before I sign off, I just want to remind you about some cool stuff I have going on right now. Hey! It’s not spam – it’s cool stuff! And it’s my blog! 😉

You can enter to win one of two e-copies of The Consuming, my paranormal short story at Claire C. Riley’s website, where you’ll also find an excerpt as well as a brief interview. Maybe you’ll learn a little something about me that you didn’t already know.

You can also enter for a chance to have one of my future characters named after you. Just click here to read about my REAL haunted house and find out how to enter!

I’ll even giveaway an e-copy of my upcoming October release, PREDATOR, A Courting Justice suspense novella for the funniest spam and response comment. My funny bone will pick the winner. So dig into those spam files and make us laugh. What a way to start the weekend! Y’all have a great one!

UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that some may not know how to get to the Facebook “other” message folder, so here’s a quick tutorial.

Left sidebar, you’ll see:

Facebook Messages

Just click on the Messages link under News Feed.





Facebook Other FolderThen click on the “other” tab. Voila! Instant spam! 🙂


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13 Responses

  1. Stacey Joy Netzel

    OMG, your response is funnier than the spam email!! Thanks for the laugh this morning! (I can see why you’re so sought after–you clever girl, you.)

    Alas, I can’t share–I’ve deleted it all and nothing was ever that memorable.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Ahhh…that’s too bad. But with the nature of spam – feel free to come back later in the day and post if you get something funny. 🙂

  2. August McLaughlin

    Too funny, Rhonda! I wish I could share a spammy voicemail here. A woman called me, seeming drunk, yelling at me (her boyfriend, actually) for not loving her anymore. Not sure if that counts as spam, but SHEESH, was it funny.

    I’ve yet to dip into my blog spam folders, but at first glance, it’s largely in Korean, with a few Viagras thrown in. LOL Happy Friday, lady!
    August McLaughlin recently posted…Blog Comment Specialness and Link Party!My Profile

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Thanks, August! Ha! I”ll bet that was funny. Maybe you could share it with us sometime if you kept a copy of the recording. As much as spam can be annoying, I find some of it just plain funny. Can’t be all bad I guess, if I get a giggle out of it. 😉 Good of you to stop by. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Patrick Fox

    Hello Rhonda, your post inspired me to look through the spam folder on my blog, and this is what I found.

    “An interesting discussion might be priced at comment. I do
    believe that it is possible to write much more about this topic,
    it will not certainly be a taboo subject conversely in
    most cases consumers are there are not enough to dicuss on
    such topics. An extra. Cheers”
    Patrick Fox recently posted…Trinity by Patrick FoxMy Profile

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      LOL Patrick! I find t amazing what shows up there. I’ve been getting a lot of the the Korean language and Viagra spam that August mentioned. And in my email I get a ton of emails wanting to enlarge a certain part of the male anatomy that I don’t have. Oh! And then there’s all those generous people wanting to give me money. And here I thought the world had gotten more selfish. 😉 Occasionally I’ll get something original that tickles me or creepy like those in today’s post. They’re good for a few laughs and I love to laugh. Thanks for popping by Patrick! 🙂

  4. Dana Delamar

    My most memorable “Other” Facebook message so far:

    “Hello Lovely Queen,

    I write to inform you that I am willing to start a new life with you submissive to you, being creative like i used to be and moving on in aspect of life. You look so gorgeous, you r wonderful and i swear to you, when i see your profile my heart beat to your passionate nature. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I am thinking of marriage but undecided and I am looking for serious relationship with someone who is committed and ready for something serious. I want you to know more about me, I wanna get to know you, learn about you and meet you in person. I am a very comfortable man, for a living; I own my job, I have a company that do building and construction. I am a person that is understanding, passionate, awesome, down to earth and caring, most especially for whom i love. There are other things you need to know but I don’t want to talk to the air in the sense that, I don’t want to be in a situation where by you will ignore my interest in you. I must confess, I am really interested in you.

    I cant wait to here from you, Pls Get back to me ASAP


    I have *no* idea what inspired that! At least he was polite. But yeah, I’m not answering that.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      LOL Dana! I can’t imagine why you won’t give the poor guy a chance. After all, he “owns” his job, is “awesome” and would be “submissive to you.” And he’s ready to settle down because he things you’re hot stuff. What more could a girl want? 😉