Authors Give Back: Joe Bruno & The Wounded Warrior Project

JOE_BRUNO-NEW_PICMy Authors Give Back guest today is Joe Bruno, a former New York City sports writer, and the author of 14 true crime books, two novels, and a screenplay. Bruno’s “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps” was the runner up in the 2013 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent Book Awards category “General Nonfiction.”

Joe’s here to talk to us today about one of his favorite charities, The Wounded Warrior Project.


The Wounded Warriors Project is the one charity to which every American should donate their money. These men and woman have risked their lives in the service of their country, and like the WWP website says,

“The worst thing is to be forgotten.”

I served as a Navy parachute rigger on the USS Constellation in 1969-70. We were in the war zone for nine months. My job was to pack the parachutes for the pilots and maintain all survival equipment. We’d work every day – 12 hours on, 12 hours off – for sometimes as long as two months without a day off for R&R. Because of the dangers working around jet planes, men were killed on board the ship; either by being sucked into the intake of a jet plane on the flight deck, or by being blown off the ship by the draft from a jet engine. Parachute Riggers like me died, if when they serviced the ejection seats on the flight deck, they forgot to put the seven red pin flags in place that stopped the seat from ejecting.

I saw many men injured on the Constellation, and I also saw a few die. The ones who were injured and survived were released from service and put back on the streets; even with their debilitating injuries. In those days, there was no Wounded Warrior Project to help these poor souls in their time of need. That’s why it’s so important for us to kick in a few bucks a month to fund the Wounded Warriors Project. I donate a measly $19 a month to the Wounded Warriors Project; money I don’t even notice going out of my pockets.  I’m embarrassed I don’t donate more.

One thing is for sure; all the money donated goes right into the Wounded Warriors Project. There are no huge administrative costs like most charities have that gobbles up most of the the money before it gets to the people we are trying to help. Not only is this money used for the rehabilitation for wounded warriors, but it also goes toward job placement for men and woman who want to work, but are limited in what they can physically do.

So, get off your butts and do the right thing here. These people sacrificed their life and limbs so that Americans and people around the world can live a better life.

Go to, and make your donation.

For $19 a month you will be helping men and women who really need your help, and you will feel great doing so.

Like Wilford Brimley said,

“It’s the right thing to do.”


Thank you, Joe! And thank you for your service to our country. The Wounded Warriors Project is one of my favorite organizations as well. I appreciate you taking the time to tell my readers about the WWP and their works.

You can check out Joe’s books at his Amazon Author Page where you’ll find more like the book below:

Mobsters Gangs Crooks vol 1

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You can connect with Joe at:

Joe’s Website     Joe Bruno on the Mob (Blog)     Facebook (personal)     Mobsters, Gangs Facebook Page     Whitey Bulger-The Biggest Rat Facebook Page          

Thanks again for being here today, Joe!

What about you guys? Anyone had experience with The Wounded Warriors Project you’d like to share? Know of anyone they’ve helped? Feel free to share your experiences with us or your thoughts about the organization and what they do.

As always – thanks for reading!


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9 Responses

  1. PJ Sharon

    This is a charity close to my heart, Rhonda. Thanks for hosting Joe today and thank you, Joe, for your service to our country and your contributions to the WWP. We can’t belittle that 20 bucks a month, either. Consistent small donations are what make programs like this work. I donate quarterly from the proceeds of the sales of my first book, HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES, in which a returning young Vet who has lost his leg and feels responsible for his best friend’s death has to deal with PTSD and reintegration into the world. I write for young adults and wanted teens to be made aware of the plight of returning Veterans and their families. I also wanted to give hope to anyone in that situation that with support, they can recover and overcome their experiences and heal their wounds. My dad was a WWII Vet and suffered from PTSD his whole life. There was no treatment back then or even acknowledgement of what men in combat went through. I’m so grateful that we have organizations like this to help our returning soldiers in their recovery. Blessings to you and all who serve and sacrifice.

  2. Tiffany A. White

    I absolutely love The Wounded Warrior Project. Our community has a walk to raise money every year and our college team represents with a special uniform every season that they auction off for charity after the game. Anything and everything we can do for our returning soldiers…

    Thanks to Joe for helping spread the word and for serving our great country.