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UPDATE:  Due to some issues beyond my control, I’m a little late in updating and getting the info to Todd — but those who commented as of yesterday, will receive a copy of Todd’s first Snapshot novel. Which is awesome by the way! 🙂


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Do you like zombie books and movies? The Walking Dead? Are you sort of on the fence about the whole zombie thing? Or think you wouldn’t like reading about them but you like excellent writing; rich, vivid scenes; and characters who are so skillfully developed that you’ll love some and love to hate others? Then TW Brown’s DEAD series is for you. His work is so much more than just zombie books — it’s a study in humanity. As I said in a previous post, “The pages of his books are filled with triumph, fear, love, and loss. And just like in the real world – no one is safe.”

With the DEAD series coming to an epic 12 book end later this year, Brown has started a spin-off — DEAD Snapshot: {your town here} series in which you’ll possibly see the zombie apocalypse brought to your town.

The first is DEAD SNAPSHOT: PORTLAND, OREGON which releases today. Here’s the link to get it now! 🙂 You don’t have to have read the DEAD series to enjoy these snapshots as they each stand alone.

Todd’s being very generous and giving away FIVE FREE COPIES to reader’s of my blog — just leave a comment and let me know if you want .mobi or .epub formats if you’re chosen as a winner!

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I’m going to let Todd tell you all about his new series and how you might be able to get the DEAD to come to your hometown.

Behind the curtain of the DEAD Snapshot: {your town here} series


You sort of dream about that headline. Admit it. You watch shows like The Walking Dead and think, That would be SO cool! Would it really? I want you to bring your own arm up to your mouth and bite as hard as you can. Now keep going until you rip the flesh. (In the interest of our “sue happy” culture, I am not really suggesting that you do this, and if you already did then can I ask what in the hell is wrong with you?)

So…how cool is it now? And then there is the idea of finding a loved one who had the misfortune of not heeding the warnings and got bit trying to hurry home to take care of you. They are coming at you with filmed over, dead eyes. So grab a gun or something and shoot or bash them in the head. Oh yeah, that includes your precious little Jimmy or Janie. You know, that apple of your eye…the one thing that you love more than life itself.
Not sounding so great anymore, is it?

The reality of the zombie apocalypse is probably more terrifying than we want to imagine. However, reading about it is a blast. On that, I think many of us can agree. Only, when you read these stories, don’t they always seems so far away and remote? Unless you have a local zombie author who loves to set his novels in his or her (and by extension…YOUR) neck of the woods, you have to imagine places you have never been and hope to sink into the story enough to feel like you are “there.”

Well, wait no more. With my new spin off of my successful and best-selling zombie series DEAD, the apocalypse can be right outside your own front door. How? I will tell you later. You don’t think I am gonna give you ALL the good stuff right off the bat, now do ya?

My new series is titled DEAD Snapshot—{insert town here}. Okay that last little bit is just the generic filler. To be clear, the first book is titled DEAD Snapshot—Portland, Oregon. I set it in my town because it is someplace that I know pretty well. However, the next book is titled DEAD Snapshot—Leeds, England. Never been there, but with the help of Google, I can get down to street level and “walk” about from the comfort of my computer.

Each of these books will be a stand-alone novel set in the mythology that I built in the DEAD series. Some of them may see “guest appearances” by characters that you know and love or hate from DEAD. You don’t have to be a reader of the series to enjoy or understand the book. It is zombie fiction, not Twin Peaks. For those totally unfamiliar, my zombies are like those found in Romero flicks. Still confused? (I weep for you, but I will clarify.) The Walking Dead. You know, basically slow and not all that coordinated. I do have a few twists in my mythology that differs from the norm. While I won’t state it as a fact, I had not read (in my VERY EXTENSIVE reading) any instances where the bite was not a catalyst for somebody to turn. Also, children of the younger age bracket might behave just a bit differently. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will leave it at that and let you discover for yourself why my series has allowed me to be a writer full-time and quit my day job.

So, how do you get zombies to come wipe out your town (or maybe the town of an ex, or somebody that you just really don’t like), so to speak? Simple. All you have to do is send me an email at with “I WANT TO SEE THE DEAD TAKE MY TOWN!” in the subject line. From there, in the actual email, tell me where you are from. Tell me a little bit about your town and what makes it special. Feel free to offer your own name up for use as a character. You are even free to give me a description or photo that I can use to design this character. I even let you specify if you wish to be hero or villain. Sorry, no promises that you will survive in any case, and your character’s depiction may be NOTHING like you in manner and action. It will simply carry your name into the annals of zombie apocalypse history.

So…are you interested? Curious? Or maybe you really dislike those snobs over in Shelbyville? (Simpson’s reference…sorry.) Well, you now have the power of life, death, and undeath in your hands. What will you do?


Thanks, Todd! I’m so glad I don’t have to say goodbye to this fantastic world you’ve built.

So, want to find out more about TW Brown? You can visit his blog, or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Oh! And here’s his Goodreads page, too if you want to leave a review there. Todd was gracious enough to do an interview for me previously and you can read the interview here.

Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve read any of the DEAD series yet and what you think. Haven’t read it yet? Tell me what you like about zombie books, movies, etc. You just might win a copy of DEAD Snapshot: Portland, Oregon — so let me know if you would like a .mobi (Kindle) or .epub (just about everything else) format if you win.

As always — thanks for reading!

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  1. PJ Sharon

    I haven’t read any of Todd’s books, but based on this article, I can tell he’s a very entertaining writer! I love the Walking Dead series, but haven’t read a lot of Zombie books (except yours Rhonda:-). I can see I’m totally missing out!

  2. Todd Brown

    I really appreciate this Rhonda, and I will be giving away 5 ebook copies to your readers (MOBI or Epub as they request) as well as sending you your copy also.

  3. Liz

    I love the idea of the DEAD coming to a town of a reader!

    I love zombie movies/tv but I haven’t read any zombie fiction. I plan to write a YA zombie short during the summer once I’m finished with my current wip