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Only For A Limited Time, So Grab Them While You Can!


The Reanimated Writers have 14 FREE Zombie eBooks for your reading pleasure. No strings attached. Just click on the image below to go to the event page and grab some great reads for this Friday the 13th weekend!

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SURVIVAL: Survival Series Prequel

FREE this weekend at Amazon.

Survival, zombies, apocalyptic, strong female character, Rhonda Hopkins

Sometimes, the only plan is survival.

When Sarah escapes from her brutal abductors, she promises to return to rescue her twin sister, but with the walking dead invading Fort Worth, TX, she is forced to rely on a competitive coworker who made her work life hell for years. With her coworker weakened by cancer treatments, her sister still imprisoned, and zombies looking for an easy meal, Sarah’s only plan, if she can pull it off, is Survival.

Get Survival as part of this Reanimated Writers Free Zombie ebooks Event!



New Subscriber Only Free Zombie Short Story


Fifteen-year-old Sarah and her twin brother, Jason, find their neighborhood in disarray. The neighbors are acting strangely, and the elderly gentleman who lives next door has left senility behind and gone straight to full-on crazy.

Will they survive their first zombie encounter?

Jenny’s Story is set in the SURVIVAL world. It’s the first in my short character vignettes, Survival Beginnings. These stories will offer up the first zombie encounters the characters from the SURVIVAL series have with the infected. We’ll meet up again with Jenny in DEAD OF WINTER: SURVIVAL SERIES in the fall.

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Thanks for Reading!

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The award-winning author of THE CONSUMING, and the zombie apocalypse series, SURVIVAL. She writes horror/sci-fi, paranormal, YA urban fantasy, suspense, and middle grade.

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  1. ken

    Hello Rhonda, the information you provided about Reanimated Writers free zombie books is really useful. I always need various type of books to read. Thank you for suggesting. Keep sharing.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Thank you, Ken. I hope you were able to find some books to interest you. They were free earlier this month, but I’m not sure if any still are. Happy reading!