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Authors Give Back


Sarah Stuart is my Authors Give Back guest today and is going to tell us about Blue Cross For Pets and why she supports this charitable organization.


Sarah Stuart, author, romantic suspense, suspense, romance
Sarah Stuart’s passions are theatre, music, history, travel, wildlife and pet rescue – her royalties are donated to animal charities worldwide. Theatre, and an historical thread, are the main background to her award-winning romance/sizzle Royal Command Family Saga books, but in the first, the heroine, only child of a Scottish laird, rejects her shooting-estate inheritance. This reflects Sarah’s distress and disgust engendered by research into the breeding of animals and birds to be killed as trophies. Her concern about cruelty to pets – ill-treatment, lack of care, and abandonment – comes to the fore in her new release, a clean and very different romance that features a Jack Russell stray as one of the three leading characters.


Blue Cross for Pets


Sarah supports many charities, but wanted to highlight Blue Cross For Pets today. When I asked her why this charity is so special to her, she responded with:

Blue Cross For Pets, animals, charityThe Blue Cross helps animals of all kinds, but I found them when I was looking for a dog to rehome, and I was very impressed with the care they took to make sure I had a suitable home to offer. The questions ranged from the amount of exercise I was prepared to provide to whether children lived with me or visited frequently. They also spoke to the veterinary surgeon I use regularly and asked for a reference, and there was a delay before I could collect the dog I’d chosen, and they deemed right for me and my lifestyle, until they obtained that reference. They also arrange insurance for pets of any age, and they have a number to call for advice if needed. Nothing is left to chance for the animals The Blue Cross give a second chance.


Sarah believes in this organization so much that part of her proceeds for her new release, Three Against The World (on sale from July 27th through August 2nd for only 99¢), will go to Blue Cross.


Three Against the World:
A Waif, a Stray, and the Search for Romance


Three Against The World, romance, suspense, mystery, Sarah StuartThree Against the World: A Waif, a Stray, and the Search for Romance. (Richard and Maria Book 1)

Richard’s house is broken into, he loses his job, is ditched by his gold-digging fiancée, and a daughter he didn’t know he had is dumped on his doorstep by his ex-wife.

Has Richard’s life become a disaster, or is fate offering him a chance to escape a lifestyle forced on him by his father? Will Richard find another love?

Fourteen-year-old Maria knows her mother doesn’t want her, but can she believe her father does, or is she a burden he’d be happier without?

Ben, a rescue-centre dog adopted by Richard, supposedly doesn’t like children, but he likes Maria. The Jack Russell defends the girl, but will his life be forfeit and Richard jailed?

Will Richard ever find love?



Penny – July 12, 2018

Richard is unlucky in love. Although good looking and intelligent, he seems to attract women, who only want him for money or to use him. Ben, a Jack Russell, is a stray that Richard rescues. He is an appealing and loyal dog, who has learnt to trust Richard and even goes to work with him. Then one day Naomi, Richard’s ex-wife, turns up on his doorstep with Maria, the daughter he never knew he had, but is she actually his daughter? It doesn’t matter to Richard. He takes her in and does everything he can to build her confidence. This is a character-led story and the characters of Richard, Maria, and especially Ben, are likeable and well written. Most, but not all, of Richard’s love interests are really despicable women, each with their own selfish need. As Richard and Maria negotiate their way through these sometimes-traumatic encounters, will Richard eventually find love? If you like well-written romance, you’ll love this book.

It Kept Me Turning Pages

Virginia E. Johnson – July 10, 2018

Shakespeare would have had a field day with this story. It would almost be a comedy if it weren’t so tragic. Some people are just born unlucky, and as we meet poor Richard we find a man who isn’t having any luck in life. His home is burgled, he loses his job, and his only friend seems to be Ben, the dog he rescued from the shelter. To make matters worse a 14-year-old girl shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his daughter. Unwanted and unloved, she’s a teenager that needs help and understanding. Richard discovers that she’s not really his daughter, his ex-wife just told her he was her father, but he doesn’t have the heart to tell her. Instead, he cares for her and tries to help her while his own life is a shambles.

Want to Help?

Buy a copy of Three Against the World and Sarah Stuart will donate part of the proceeds to Blue Cross for Pets. It’s on sale from July 27th through August 2nd for only 99¢. It’ll go back up to $2.99 after that.

Buy Three Against The World for only 99¢!


You can learn more about Sarah and join her at the sites below:

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5 Responses

  1. Ruth Coulson

    Lovely post, Sarah and Rhonda. I’ve donated to the Blue Cross monthly for years. Only a small amount but it all helps. A very worthwhile charity. Pets give so much pleasure and comfort to people and it’s nice to know there’s back up for animals in times of hardship.

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Thank you for sharing the post, Ruth! <3 And, thank you for supporting agencies that support our fur babies. 🙂

  2. Kassandra Lamb

    Bought the book. Happy to contribute in some small way to a good cause. All my dogs in recent decades have been rescues!

    • Rhonda Hopkins

      Thank you for joining us today, Kassandra! And, thank you so much for purchasing a copy of Sarah’s book. Anything that helps our fur babies is a good thing. 🙂 You have a great heart. <3