Prescription drug abuse is still a drug problem

When people talk about drug abuse, they typically mean illegal drugs. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines usually come to mind. And, yes, if you are using any of these, you need to get help as soon as possible. I’ll talk … Continued

Social Media: an important tool for writers

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Never before has a writer had the ability to influence her career like she does today. In the past, authors relied on their editors and publishers to help get the word out about their books. The writer might do some … Continued

Research doesn’t have to be hard

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Remember last week when I talked about the book I wanted to hurl across the room because of poor editing? That same book was guilty of extremely poor research on the author’s part. Poor — as in none. Seriously, who … Continued

Toxic Relationships

Let’s say you have a child with someone. And, that someone and you have an on again off again kind of relationship. One that sometimes gets very volatile. In most instances, it’s probably best that this relationship end and that … Continued