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If you’re an author (or artist of any kind) and interested in submitting a post about your favorite charitable organization and how you support them for my Authors Give Back segment, please read the requirements below:

  1. Please read a few of the previous Authors Give Back Posts to get an idea of what I’m looking for from you.
  2. Understand this is more about highlighting the charity than your books. However, it will do both. The main goal is to show the giving hearts of authors.
  3. While I enjoy doing these posts and love seeing how you give back, I don’t have a lot of time to do these. So if you submit one, it needs to be a complete post with all items included in your email. I won’t have time to hunt for things. If you are seeking a particular post date, then it might be missed if all items are not included.
  4. The absolute best way for you to submit a post that will make me shout with joy, is to first write it up in your own blog with images placed where you’d like them, and links embedded where they need to be. (Try to follow the order of #5 below as much as possible.) Go to the “Text” (HTML) tab, copy the entire post code, and paste that into a new document (.doc or .docx). Then attach the document in an email to me.
  5. If you can’t do number 4, then please submit the following – in order – in a document (.doc or .docx)
    a. An brief author bio with your website link.
    b. The name and link for the charity you’re spotlighting. (Only one charity/one book at a time – you can always offer up another in the future.)
    c. The post about why this is one of your favorite charities (their mission/goals and why it’s special to you in particular) and how you support them. (i.e. time, donations, etc. But, the best is to show how you support with your work/books.)
    d. The book that gives proceeds to the charity. How much of the proceeds and for what period of time. If you’re having a sale on the book during this time period, please mention that and the sale price.
    e. Buy links for your book.
    f. Your website (Yes again please. Make it easy for me.), social media and other links you want added. (Please don’t list links for all your books. Your Amazon author page – or another retailer author page – will work just fine.)
  6. In the email, please attach your author photo, your book image, and if possible, the image to the charity. If you provide other images that are not yours, please make sure you include copyright data and a link in the document above.
  7. Email it all to me with “Authors Give Back Submission – Your Name” as the subject. If you need the post to go live by a specific date, let me know in the email and make sure I get it at least a week in advance. I’ll do my best to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee a specific date.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you so much for your interest in my Authors Give Back Segment and for all you do to help others.
Rhonda Hopkins