Unraveling Me

Becoming Me Series, Book One

Unraveling Me by Rhonda Hopkins and Kristy K. James. Teen male embraces teen female from behind on a pier.
Part of the Becoming Me series:


Another new town. Another new school. Another chance to fit in.

Except sixteen-year-old Maya Sullivan has never really fit in anywhere. Especially not at home. With a distant father and a resentful, emotionally abusive mother, she's never experienced what it might be like to be a happy, normal teenager.

The closest she gets is when she and her next-door neighbor, Liam Caldwell, are thrust together for a school project. As they spend more time together, researching their assignment, Maya realizes she feels more for him than friendship.

She also discovers that the information they're uncovering is bringing to light some questions about her life. Questions that, when answered, could unravel her world.

Unraveling Me is a clean coming-of-age, young adult romantic suspense novel.