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Free eBooks for Kids and Teens

Covid-19 has changed our world for the moment. I have no doubt we’ll be back to normal but for now some are struggling to provide food and basic necessities for their families. And, kids are unexpectedly at home when they should be at school. This leaves parents needing to find ways to entertain their children.

A local teacher asked me how to find free books for kids right now. So, in the spirit of helping, I’m inviting all authors who have FREE or Kindle Unlimited books for children, middle-grade, or young adult to add them to the comments section of this post to help parents find free eBooks for kids and teens while they’re at home.

Open book with a pink heart coming out of the pages. Text reads FREE eBooks for Kids and Teens

I’m also offering the same thing only for parents and adult readers on another post if authors would like to share books for adults there as well. Click here.

PARENTS/READERS: Authors have posted a lot of great looking books for kids/teens in the comment section and I will be encouraging others to continue adding links in the comments. I’ll also continue to update this section when I find other programs. You may want to bookmark it so you can easily find new reads, events, and programs.

One of my very favorite celebrities of all time, Dolly Parton, will be reading bedtime stories on Thursday nights. She is such a remarkable woman and does so much to help others. This should be a fun for families.

Amazon is currently offering TWO FREE MONTHS of Kindle Unlimited.

Audible is currently offering free audiobooks for kids and teens while they’re at home for now as well. You can find audiobooks here. One of those books is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone here in the U.S.) read by Stephen Fry.

Hoopla has a ton of educational books for kids that you can borrow. If you’re not familiar with Hoopla it’s one of several websites that offer online library books, audiobooks, comics, television shows, and movies. I’m not sure which libraries offer it, but check with yours. I’m sure whichever service your library utilizes for online materials will have similar offerings.

Please share this post using the share buttons below. That will help others find books for their chilren. 🙂

Please consider leaving reviews for the books authors have provided for FREE. It’s not required, but authors really REALLY appreciate reviews.

You can also find more books for kids and teens on this Facebook post. There may be duplicates.

I’ll do my best to make sure only books appropriate for kids and teens are listed, but I can’t guarantee it. Please do your own due diligence when choosing books.

Unfortunately, I currently only have one young adult eBook (a zombie apocalypse) and it is only suitable for older teens. WARNING: Violence

Free eBook March 21st through 25th: Jenny's Story, Survival Beginnings, Always Free with Kindle Unlimited - apocalyptic background with female facing a destroyed city holding gunJenny’s Story:
Survival Beginnings
(Short Story)

In the beginning, all was normal. Until it wasn’t.
Fifteen-year-old Jenny and her twin brother, Jason, find their neighborhood in disarray. The neighbors are acting strangely, and the elderly gentleman who lives next door has left senility behind and gone straight to full-on crazy. Will they survive their first zombie encounter?

It is always free with a Kindle Unlimited Subscrition.


When I run across fun activities, videos, etc. for kids/teens, I’m adding them to my Facebook page for young adult and middle-grade readers. Normally, I try to keep it age relevant but for now, I’m sharing things for kids of all ages.

Teen girl holding large book of spells sitting in front of book case, with a swirl of magic to her right in front of a window box. Text reads Magic. Mischief. Mayhem. Rhonda Hopkins

AUTHORS: To help make it as easy as possible for parents to find suitable books – please provide the following in your comment:

(Note: I also invite you to list books for adult readers on this other post.)

  • Links(s) to your book or the first book in a series, your website, or your book retailer page. (If you post more than three links, it will be held until I can approve it to help me prevent spam.)
  • Blurb
  • Genre
  • Suitable ages for the book
  • Please list any appropriate warnings in regard to language or subject matter.
  • *If you list a temporarily free book, please list the exact date(s) it is free.
  • *Please do not require an email sign-up or other strings for someone  to get the free book. There are other places like StoryOrigin and BookFunnel where you can do this.
  • And, finally, please share this post with your readers.

Thank you to all authors who provide information about your free eBooks for kids and teens. I appreciate each of you!

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  • Go-to Mindfulness

    Title: Chester Bentley and the Wartime Thief (1st book in the Chester Bentley Mystery Series) by MJ Colewood
    Genre: Mystery adventure Age range: 10+
    Warning for fight scene

    Blurb: The past often hides dark mysteries and in the case of Chester Bentley they are hidden at the end of his garden.
    His ordinary school life is soon turned upside down when he begins to witness suspicious and frightening movements around his old air raid shelter at night.
    With his talent for serendipity, he gradually reveals a mystery that began during the war, when two men struggled in the ruins of an ancient castle as Hitler’s bombs were raining down. But what secret business led them there? And how is it connected to the air raid shelter?
    Can Chester Bentley overcome his fears, unravel the clues and discover the incredible truth, before the shelter is filled in by his parents and the mystery lost forever?

    Free eBook: No subscription required.

    Download the format of your choice from


  • E Hall

    Court of Crown and Compass ✨YA fantasy romance series (clean/no steam) ALL in KU & book 1 is 99¢ 👉

    💥Four sisters to find. One compass to bind.💥
    When Kiki discovers a secret about her past, she’s thrown into another realm that’s nothing like her life as a demon slayer in NYC. While seeking counsel to understand why she has wings, she meets a guy who looks like a Viking and looks at her in a way that makes her fluttery inside.

    Soren spends too much time at the tile table and infuriating the king’s guards—evidenced by his ink-stained skin. He gave up fighting back and is just trying to survive. The strange thing is, when he meets a beautiful stranger he suddenly wants to fly away with her.

    In the Northlands, trust is a foreign concept. The people are divided by fear and want, everyone is broken or does the breaking, and the ashpit consumes the rest. Desperate to help the people, Kiki and Soren find common ground to overthrow the false king.

    With war looming, time isn’t on their side. It’s a battle Kiki and Soren can’t win on their own, but could divide them forever, and forever is what they each secretly want.

    The Court of Crown and Compass is a four book series. It’s romantic fantasy perfect for fans of The Cruel Prince, from the Folk of the Air series, by Holly Black and is chock full of mystery, danger, and sizzling kisses.

  • M.Z. Andrews

    I’ve got a clean, teen/YA, fantasy/paranormal mystery series free to read in Kindle Unlimited. (The first in series is only $0.99 if you don’t have KU).

    The Witch Squad Cozy Mystery Series features five girls (ages 17-23) who are just starting out in witch college…they are kind of an unlikely bunch of misfits that somehow find each other and solve murder mysteries in their small college town. The main theme of the series if friendship – makes a great read for teen girls (but I have lots of adults that read too.) In fact, if you enjoy sharing books with your daughters or granddaughters, this series seems to do the trick for that. I get lots of readers telling me they are reading it together.

    Link –>
    Website –>

  • Sylva Fae

    Rainbow Monsters for your little monsters aged 3-6. Free for 5 days from today 24th March.

  • Laurel Decher

    Lost With Leeks is free in March 2020:

    Argh! Twelve-year-old Crown Prince Nero is lost again. How will he ever lead the Blackfly Kingdom? His fairy godfather gave him a magnetic personality to make him charming.

    Only now he’s a trouble-magnet–for compasses, maps and magical creatures.

    A fairy godparent gives one lucky child the perfect leadership gift. Abracadabra!
    If only they’d remember the training wheels! Yiiiiiiikes!

    Whether it’s speaking up at a feast, or reading a map in a strange kingdom, these Tales are all about finding more magic in life.

    For ages 9 to 12. Stories can be read in any order.

  • haroldozols

    Free on Kindle Unlimited

    When bicycles go missing from their school, Sara & Margo (10 and 12 year old sisters) decide to investigate themselves, against the warning from the local police chief.

    Using their computers and high tech gadgets that their Dad develops, these girls, along with their friends, manage to outsmart the thieves and help the local police force catch them.

    In this, the first book of the series, Sara and Margo, together with their friends, Anne and Daniel, use night vision and self flying drones to find and help catch a pair of thieves stealing kids’ bikes in their town.

    This is Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, using James Bond type gadgets such as mobile phones, apps, drones, night vision and other tech tools that their technology inventor dad comes up with for his top secret clients.

    Cool hardware combined with good old fashioned adventure combine to keep young readers turning the pages.

    Readers write:

    Wow! Girls Save the Day! Talk about an exciting morning detective adventure. It took me back to my Scooby Doo days as a kid! Except, these young detectives have 21st century gadgets and technology to help them solve crimes! I absolutely love this book! It’s a great read for boys and girls alike. I especially like how the book showcases girls’ bravery and technological savviness! Rather than being saved, IT’S GIRLS TO THE RESCUE! 🙂

    Another reader says – A beautifully written book. It is a beautifully written book, aimed at preteens. The grammar and vocabulary is pitched just right. I have read and enjoyed this adventure of two young girls and their friends. A jolly good read.

    Book 1 – Stolen Bikes
    Book 2 – Drone Detectives
    Book 3 – coming soon!

  • Jacinthe Dessureault

    Looking for a light, heart-warming read and a few laughs?

    Title: Igloo High

    Genre: humorous coming of age YA (high school)

    Some mild language, 13 and up (Free in Kindle Unlimited)

    Senior year was supposed to be fabulous for popular high school girl Ella Briggs—a year filled with dating, shopping and partying, with a kick-ass prom at the end. If only her dad understood this! Instead, when offered the job of a lifetime, he uproots his city-loving daughter and drags her kicking and screaming to an isolated Inuit town near the North Pole—a frozen land of snowmobiles and whale blubber.

    At her new school, Ella is befriended by Sera, the queen bee of Agloolik High, and life appears pretty sweet again. That is, until Sera turns on Ella over a misunderstanding about Henry, a handsome fellow student. Hell-bent on making Ella miserable, Sera bullies her and challenges her to a series of winter games, for which Ella is completely inept. Despite sub-zero chances of winning and a very high risk of looking like a total loser in front of the entire town, fiery Ella still takes her on.

    Will training with the lovely Henry teach the hopeless urban girl—who can barely boil water—enough Arctic skills to beat savvy and athletic Sera for good?
    Igloo High is a humorous novel about finding oneself, friendship and love in surprising places.

  • Lana Melyan

    THE ETERNITY ROAD, YA Paranormal novel (a trilogy about immortal hunter, vampires, witches). If you like the atmosphere of The Vampire Diaries and Buffy is your hero, you’ll like this acton packed adventure.
    And brand new series about young witch, (inspired by devoted friend and powerful witch Bonnie Bennett). The novella series The Weight of Magic is a quick-paced, exciting ride with unexpected turns and twists. It’s like a TV show in a book form.
    All in KU.

  • Nicola McDonagh

    I have box set YA Dystopian/Sci-fi/Fantasy series that I have put into Kindle Unlimited to help young people to get through self-isolation. It is suitable for ages from fourteen years onwards. There is some violence and a couple of kisses, but nothing too strong.

    In a world populated by clones, Adara is unique.

    ‘I’m not like the other girlygigs in Cityplace. I’ve got six fingers on each hand. So what if they call me a freak? I’ve got something they don’t. A secret power I can’t control. Yet.

    All I want is to follow my dream and train as an elite soldier of the New World Territories, but how can I when there is a rustling in the wind, strange lights beyond the perimeter fence, and the smell of scorched flesh? A sign of Carnie threat.

    And now starving Renegades are gathering, ready to storm our home. Whispers of a saviour have brought them to the city gates. They want me, Adara – Catcher of Birds.

    Link to US:
    Universal link:

  • Samantha Gudger

    A Game Worth Watching and A Shot Worth Taking. Kindle Unlimited. Books 1 and 2 of a YA contemporary series.

    All her life, people have told 17-year-old tomboy Emma Wrangton that she’s not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to succeed in life. Somewhere along the way, she started to believe them.

    Without the promise of a respectable future after graduation, all Emma wants is to cherish her senior year by playing basketball with the guys and spending as much time as possible with her best friend before he heads off to some fancy university, leaving her behind. But when the high school basketball coach recruits her to join the team—the girls’ team—Emma discovers life is anything but a slam dunk. How is she supposed to know how to be one of the girls when all she’s ever been is one of the guys?

  • Kylie

    I have a sweet and clean YA series about five friends and their first loves! This is book 1 of The Young Love Series, all free to read in #KindleUnlimited
    When Ella’s best friend’s brother unexpectedly asks for her help with his songwriting, it reignites her passion for music. Making sweet music draws them together. But he’s about to leave for college

  • K. B. Carr

    All of the Weird&Wacky Planet series by K. B. Carr (that’s me!) on Amazon are free in Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon is offering free 2 or 3 months for Kindle unlimited right now, yay!

    • Rhonda

      Hi, K.B.! Thanks for participating. Could you please edit/add to your comment the info I requested above? Most importantly the age range for your books and a link? This will help parents find age-appropriate books for their kids more easily. Thank you!

  • layla

    If you like action packed science fiction and fantasy young adult stories with snarky characters and a hint of romance, you’ll love the Hall of Doors series! All the books are in kindle unlimited.
    Warning for: language and violence.
    ⚙️Webley and The World Machine:
    🧬Kip and The Grinders:…/dp/B07F53M2N3/
    🗝 Arija and The Burning City:…/dp/B07PJ5TWH9/
    🕷Ypsilon and The Plague Doctor:…/dp/B07Y3SC2KR/
    BOXED SET:…/dp/B084L5HV59/

  • Heather Kauffman

    Thank you!

    If you’re bored at home, come follow a group of students from a one-room school as they battle whiteout conditions and freezing temperatures during an unexpected snowstorm in Blizzard on the Plains, a fast-paced adventure novel for third through eighth graders. Blizzard on the Plains is currently free to read through Kindle Unlimited.

  • Angel Leya

    Clean YA paranormal academy stories, all in KU (Kindle Unlimited)! Shifter Academy just put together a boxset for the series that started our world off, The Siren Prophecy:

    And if you’d like to check out all the books in the world, you’ll want to go here: We have another releasing on the 31st, and more lined up through this year. 🙂

    Thanks for putting this together, Rhonda, and happy reading everyone!

  • Victoria Perkins

    All of my books are YA and in KU. 🙂 I have the first three of my Star Riders series out and am working on book four. Six total books are planned. While none of my books have “bad language” or sex, most of them have some level of violence, and my series has some mature content due to the past of the main character. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, either here, through my website, or my social media accounts. My book list can be found at

  • Gemma

    Thank you!!!

    Thanks Rhonda!

    Here’s the blurb for my ya fantasy – 0.99 and in KU.
    Here’s the blurb:
    “I’m not a witch.”

    “You are now.”

    Those are the staggering words I heard after chasing my dog, Macaroon, into what I quickly learned was a magical ceremony. There, I was struck by an ancient power which invested me as the head witch of all supernatural creatures.

    By accident.

    Fun side note: the mantle was supposed to be granted to my crush, Fletcher, who… guess what… also happens to be a witch. Thanks to Macaroon, I really stepped in it this time.

    As freaked as I am, the coven is in a complete tizzy. Fearing a magical upheaval in the supernatural community, they warn that no one can learn of this catastrophic secret. But when I’m overcome by a devastating vision, I discover a far more sinister darkness closing in.

    Partnering with the coven, can we find a way to transfer the magic to Fletcher? Or will the chaos of rebellion bring the supernatural community to its knees?

    Fans of young adult fantasy that leave readers gasping for more will love The Accidental Witch by Gemma Perfect!

    And here’s the link:

  • Ingar Rudholm

    Detroit Free Press called Traveling Circus “a fast-paced, well-designed story about believing in yourself – with a touch of magic thrown in for good measure.”

    Reviews by Parents: “My son/daughter liked the book so much they wrote a book report on it for school.”

    Reviews by Teachers: “This book has been popular with my middle-school students.”

    Reviews by Grandparents: “Finally, a nice clean story with a positive message.”

    Reviews by Pre-teens: “I couldn’t put the book down…I read it in one morning…My new favorite book.”

    Trapped by a mysterious traveling circus! Young Flynn must find his inner courage to battle his way home. A crooked ringmaster, wielding a magic pocket watch that controls time, holds Flynn captive against his will. Escaping requires reaching out to some unusual circus performers. So, he befriends Cordelia who’s cursed to become a mermaid at night and Albert the fortuneteller who has a crystal ball where he can see the future and the past. Using the power of imagination and the fortuneteller’s magic, Flynn must escape the circus before the ringmaster erases Flynn’s memories forever!

    • Rhonda

      Hi, Ingar! Thank you so much for participating. I don’t see an age range for your book. Could you please edit your post to include this? It just makes it easier for parents to find age-appropriate books for their kids. Thanks! 🙂

  • Helen

    Thank you!
    Our new middle-grade book is out on the 22nd March, and will be in Kindle Unlimited 🙂

    Step into a world of enchanted forests and magical creatures, where every page takes the reader on a wondrous journey.

    Incredible realms await, with unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and dragons, and so much more. Together with beautiful illustrations, this collection of short stories and poems will capture the hearts of children of all ages and transport them on a magical adventure.

    A fairy stuck in a wishing well. A mermaid who can’t swim. A girl who doesn’t know she’s a witch. A mystical portal that leads to another land. These are just some of the enchanting tales that will spark every child’s imagination.

  • Kristin Ward

    Do you like dystopian books? What about novels with elemental powers? How about stories with environmental themes? I have a YA dystopian series and a YA scifi-fantasy that are available on Kindle Unlimited! The dystopian series has some language and violence. The scifi-fantasy has earth-related violence but no language. All of my books are geared toward 14+

    You can learn more by visiting my Amazon author page:

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