I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. I have a few holiday goodies that I think you’ll enjoy today. So, I’m just going to get to it! (Some of these may be affiliate links.) I also have more holiday goodies in my newsletter!

Holiday Goodies


Haunted House

Lost Girl by Anne Francis Scott
Allison Weathers doesn’t believe in ghosts. But when a tragic twist of fate leads her to the small mountain town of Dawson Mills, Tennessee, she soon learns that the dead don’t always stay silent.

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Crossed Keys on muted purple and gold backgrond

YOUNG ADULT FANTASY – 1st in series only 99¢
The Shadow of a Dream by Molly Lavenza
Have you ever learned a secret about yourself that could change your life forever?

When a mysterious and handsome boy showed up at my high school, all the girls wanted his attention. But who did he approach? Plain, less-than-ordinary me!

Words like changeling and dreamseer made my head spin as Declan, who claims to be my protector, tried to convince me that I’m actually a creature from the faerie realm, switched at birth with a human infant who is the true child of my parents.

Should I follow Declan’s lead to discover the truth? How can I not?)


Young child facing pond with large tree in background

A Pool for Company by Matteson Wynn: Book Two
Secret agendas. Lives on the line. A new magic user. What could go wrong?

Finn Foster just found out that magic is real, she can wield it, and now she’s the housekeeper of a magical house. Sure, to wind up here, she’s had to survive homicidal hail spells, enchanted discoing cacti, and assorted hocus pocus. But now that she’s housekeeper, Finn is ready to settle in and embrace her new magical path.

But Finn hardly has a chance to get her feet wet before she gets thrown into the deep end without any floaties. Between the house’s mysterious errands, unexpected guests popping in, and the council trying to rain on her parade, Finn is barely treading water.

With time running out, and magical enemies everywhere, it’s time for Finn to sink or swim.


A Kentucky Cowboy’s Love by Dinah Pike
Sometimes it’s okay to change your mind.

Just when Savannah Stetson has sworn off all serious relationships for good, a handsome cowboy from Montana strides into the bank lobby. Savannah immediately begins to wonder if she’s made that decision too quickly. Thus begins an irresistible story about a girl who discovers who she really is and what she really wants.
Brody Bangfield finds that moving to central Kenucky is more than enough to keep his mind off his former life. When he becomes Stetson Farm’s new Master Herdsman, he meets all the interesting characters of Bourbon Creek. The most interesting character, by far, is Savannah Stetson.

Can Brody and Savannah find lasting love in Kentucky?


Images/Vectors – Last Day!!!

If you do anything that involves a lot of graphics, don’t miss out on this deal. I can vouch for this one. It’s one of the best deals of the year. I always get it when it’s available. 100 images/vectors for $49. The credits never expire.

Goal Setting Bootcamp

Change Your Life and Get More Done with Less Stress!

Author Sarra Cannon has a Goal Setting course through her Heart Breathings on the Teachable Site. The HB90 Bootcamp is THE BEST thing I have done for my writing and my personal life in a long time. I can’t express how much this course has helped me. It’s changed the way I look at setting my goals and planning. While the course was made for writers, it is possible to use this plan for anything you need to set goals for. I also use it for health and personal goals and it’s been working amazingly well! I really cannot recommend this course enough. I’ve taken many classes on setting goals and planning over the years, but this is absolutely the best and the last I’ll need. The course begins on December the 12th, so sign up today! It’s getting really popular, so it may fill up soon.

Journaling Supplies

I hope you found some books to enjoy and other things that might be useful. I also have some other books in my newsletter along with a cover reveal for my next book! You can check it out here!

Merry Christmas!

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