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As a thank you for your service, I’d like to send any of my eBooks to the men and women of our military serving in active war zones (I’m including those who are Australian, British, Canadian, and any of our other allied forces because you help keep our world safe.)

Just send me an email via my contact form or to rhonda (at) rhondahopkins (dot) com. Let me know which book or books you’d like and what email to send it to. I’ll need to know what format to send you, too: .mobi (for Kindle) or .epub (for most other eReaders). If you could tell me where you’re stationed that would be great, but I understand that for security you might not be able to. I’ll take your word for it. We’re on the honor system here. 🙂 Feel free to share any of my eBooks with others in your unit.

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I sincerely thank each and every one of you (and your families) for your service to our country. I’m praying for your safe return home.

Rhonda Hopkins



Please visit my fellow author who also offers free eBooks to active military in war zones:


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