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Rhonda writes horror, paranormal, young adult urban fantasy, and suspense. While most of her work can be categorized as dark fiction, she has also written a few surprisingly light-hearted pieces. More fiction to be added soon!

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Survival, zombies, apocalypse, horror, scifi

Survival, Dead of Winter, zombies, horror, science fiction


“Some days, the only plan is survival.”

Sarah Jamison and her twin sister, Dana, find themselves living a nightmare when the walking dead invade their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. Together with a few friends and strangers they meet along the way, they fight to stay one step ahead of the dangers. Zombies are challenging enough, but with the breakdown of society, the baser nature of humanity becomes the greater foe. In a world where the smallest kindness can lead to fatal consequences, can Sarah and her friends survive this new world?


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The Consuming, Horror, paranormal, ghosts, haunted houseSerena knows her late uncle wasn’t crazy. So when she inherits his sprawling Carolina mansion and leaves the big city to restore both his home and his name, she uncovers a mystery that could cost much more than her sanity. As the house slowly reveals its dark secrets, and the extent of her peril becomes evident, she’ll settle for escaping with her life—if it isn’t already too late.


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