Non-Fiction By Rhonda Hopkins


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Navigating Family Court, Child Custody, Divorce, Co-Parenting, non-fiction, legal self-helpWith nearly twenty years of experience working within the family court system, Rhonda Hopkins has seen first-hand how damaging family court litigation can be for children when parents can’t get along. After conducting child abuse and neglect investigations for over nine years and custody evaluations for the family courts for another ten, Ms. Hopkins has a unique perspective on the system and is passionate about providing insight for those who must go through family court. Her goal is to assist parents in understanding the consequences their behaviors can have on their children during this very stressful time. In the non-fiction guide, NAVIGATING FAMILY COURT: IN THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CHILD, parents will learn to put aside their differences and begin to co-parent in a way that will keep their children out of the chaos and negativity. Ms. Hopkins’ expertise and compassionate approach can be an invaluable tool for ensuring that the children come first. Their mental, emotional, and physical well-being depend upon it.