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Kobo Plus. Indulge in unlimited ebooks and audiobooks for less. Image shows the plans for Kobo Plus Read and Kobo Plus Listen. Either for $7.99 per month. Or the combined Kobo Plus Read & Listen for only $9.99 per month.
Click on the image above to go to Kobo Plus

Kobo Plus (Kobo’s version of Kindle Unlimited) is now available in the US and the UK!!! It’s been available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for a while now.

For $9.99 (£8.99) per month, you can get all the ebooks AND audiobooks that are in Kobo Plus (KP). Authors who have their books on several retail sites (not in Kindle Unlimited) may now be in Kobo Plus to give readers another option. So if you want to get those books, you may now be able to find them in Kobo Plus.
Only have a Kindle eReader? No problem! You can download the Kobo app to your Kindle. Your Kobo books will be found in the Kobo app and not in your Kindle Library. Here’s how to get the app if you don’t already have Google Play (GP) on your Kindle (you can get the GP app using these instructions so you can get other apps not available through the App Store, and then just get the Kobo app through GP.)
  • Go to Kindle Settings
  • Search for “Install unknown apps”
  • Select Silk Browser and allow it to download unknown apps.
  • Open Silk Browser
  • Search for the following – depending on if you’re in the US or UK (if you’re in another country, replace the country code in one of these links):
  • Once installed, the Kobo icon will be added to your apps.
  • Sign in with your Kobo account (or make one).
My Witches of Whispering Pines series is enrolled in Kobo Plus. 
I’m so excited about this program. It gives authors and readers an alternative to Kindle Unlimited. 
*Author Samantha A. Cole provided the above instructions on her Facebook page. I love her books. You might, too.