Rhonda Hopkins

Rhonda Hopkins. YA books with magic, mystery, and a touch of romance. Image shows illustrated image of Rhonda sitting behind a desk which holds a Russian Blue cat, laptop and ink pot. Rhonda is holding a grimoire and quill.


Pumpkins. Ghosts. And a body.

My social calendar is full. There’s the town’s annual Halloween Festival. I have a new owl familiar that’s… well, let’s just say she’s a little scatter-brained. And there’s a cantankerous old ghost that won’t leave me alone. Oh! It’s my birthday, too.

All of that before I find a body behind the library. So now I have another ghost to contend with and he isn’t much help. All he does is mutter about “pumpkins” while trying to pull out his hair.

It’s not exactly what I had planned for my last high school birthday. But I’m hoping my friends and I can figure out how the man died before the weekend festivities are ruined. Piece of birthday cake. Right?

If you enjoy magic, quirky characters, and small-town mysteries with a touch of romance, you’re sure to enjoy A Witchy Spookfest!

A Witchy Spookfest was originally published as a short story in the Once Upon a Halloween: A Wicked and Wild Cozy Anthology. It has been expanded and is now a full-length novel.

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