A Witchy Mistake Excerpt

If you’re looking for an excerpt for A Witchy Mistake please see the book page. The original post was made while I was still writing the book, and there were changes. 🙂

By the way…it’s FREE on all major retailers!

eReader with image of teen girl with turquoise dress, black witches hat and knee-high black boots. She's standing in front of a large full moon, a bat in the air on her right and a cauldron on her left, title of book: A Witchy Mistake: Witches of Whispering Pines 0.5 by Rhonda Hopkins
Free on All Major Retailers! 

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A Witchy Mistake (Witches of Whispering Pines, #0.5)

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  • Tom

    The pace picks up from the outset which is good to catapult the reader into the story and then the general flow suggests that something strange is going to happen. A snappy opening chapter.

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